Taking Co Q10 And Why You Should Do So

Did you know that fish oil and co q10 have many benefits for your overall health, including improved blood flow to internal organs, improved heart function, but also a strengthened immune system? While your system naturally produces co q10, it cannot produce omega three fatty acids and that is where the fish oil comes into play. Because of that, it only makes sense that you consider the two of them in order to stay in good health.

Learning more about co q10

If you have no idea why co q10 is so important for your body, well, you should know that this is an antioxidant that helps convert food into energy and at the same time, it's also essential for cell function. Not only does it help battle against the damaging effects of free radicals, but co q10 also seems to contribute to brain disorders, heart disease and also cancer. One of the best ways of increasing your daily supplementation of this powerful antioxidant is to start eating a healthy diet, but if you cannot afford that or don't have the time to cook at home, then you may wish to take co q10 supplements.

Treating heart disease with co q10

Plenty of tests have been done around co q10 and it's been discovered that people who experience heart failure generally have a much lower level of co q10 in their system. Another study found out that people who engaged in physical training and at the same time took co q10, experienced a much lower chance of chronic heart failure than those who didn’t. because of that, a lot of people these days are taking coq10 supplements in order to improve heart health and reduce, as much as possible, the possibility of heart disease.

Side effects and considerations

If you want to maintain your health in good condition, doctors recommend that you include oily fish in your diet and have it at least twice a week. The reason you should do that is because oily fish is rich in omega three fatty acids and is also an important source of coenzyme q10. Keep in mind though that if you do choose to supplement your body with fish oil or coq10, you may be prone to experiencing side effects such as gas, stomach pain and bloating. Also, if you're suffering from bleeding disorders, omega three fatty acids can easily interact with your medications and cause trouble.